Uloop repeatedly lied to me about my account

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Uloop does not provide any way to delete an account, and requires that a university email address be tied to every account. I did not want my university email address connected to my account, so I asked them to either remove my email address or delete the account.

On January 23rd, they emailed me to say, "Your account has been deleted."

When I tried to log in, I first got a message saying my account was "suspended," then later, I checked again only to find that it had been reopened. When I emailed them about it, I got this reply:

"We are not sure how this has happened, your account was reopened. We are sending your account information to our Tech Team and they will ensure that it is deleted."

Later, they wrote me and said, "Your account has been removed."

Every time they claimed it was deleted, they suspended it and then reopened it, but the statements "Your account has been deleted," and "Your account has been removed," were clearly false, since my account is currently open and active.

Review about: Account Deletion.



Wow, I agree with you!Why is it so impossible to even contact them?

My notifications are all set to not receive anything and still I get way too many emails from Uloop!What the ***?!

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